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Cemetery Lots

2024 Pricing Structure

Most lots are priced at the rate of $750 per grave space. A portion of the purchase price is placed into the perpetual care trust fund. There are no additional charges after the initial purchase for lot care. The fee to open and close a grave is $2275 for a conventional burial and $1150 for a cremation. The Victory Gardens of Section C provide grave spaces for $500 and can accommodate two cremation burials. All cremation services include a tent, chairs, ground cover, and table.

Regulations and Restrictions

Fairview Cemetery regulations are quite simple. Section C restricts the size of the monument to a maximum of 50" width, 10" depth, and 20" height. There are also single grave size restrictions. The restrictions are strictly enforced on all above ground monuments. The Cremation Memorial Section restricts the size of the monument to a flat marker. All conventional burials must have a concrete burial vault. Fairview Cemetery does not allow evergreens to be planted on any part of the cemetery. Flowers may be placed at any time, however, they will be removed and discarded when they deteriorate. Christmas decorations remain until the middle of March and in ground plantings are not permitted.

Guiding Your Decision

Plan to walk or drive through the cemetery. Please talk over your location preference and the number of spaces neded prior to scheduling an appointment with the Superintendent. When you have a general idea of your site selection, call the Superintendent to schedule an appointment at 610-507-4098.

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